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Hair Transplant DHI – Overview


Hair Transplant DHI is an advanced hair transplantation method applied to those who suffer from hair loss and want to get a proper hair transplant. DHI is one of the three advanced hair transplant methods, and it is the most successful one.

DHI is the acronym of Direct Hair Implantation and is similar to the Follicular Unit Extraction method. Although hair transplant methods have the same logic in the background, they can differ from each other in terms of used technology.

Usually, a surgeon applies a hair transplant surgery by extracting healthy hair grafts from your head and plant them into the areas called recipient areas where you need to get hair back.

What Makes DHI Special?

As we said above, hair transplant procedures are similar to each other. But, how do they differ from each other, and what makes one of them special?

In the Follicular Unit Transplantation, the oldest technique used in the hair transplant cosmetic industry, surgeons make straight cuts to extract hair follicles from the back of your head. After the FUT, procedure it is possible to see a visible scar from the back of your head. 

In the Follicular Unit Extraction, surgeons take the hair follicles with point incisions without creating a horizontal incision, unlike the FUT method. After they extract the hair grafts, they plant them one by one into the recipient area. 

Hair Transplant DHI is performed most likely to the FUE method. Even they call micro-FUE to the DHI method. But, DHI differs from the FUE method when a surgeon plants extracted hair grafts to the recipient area. Surgeons use an implementer device that makes both incisions and planting at the same time.

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