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Hair Transplant Failure

Hair transplant failure is one of the most commonly researched topics for those who consider getting a hair transplant procedure. Due to hair transplantation procedures are relatively expensive, nobody wants to encounter a failure in their hair transplant procedure.

Aftercare Procedure Essential

Every hair transplant procedure can go through failure even though they are one of the most successful cosmetic procedures. Aftercare procedure is so much important in such kinds of procedures. You can find more about the aftercare procedure on our blog.

Which Hair Transplant Method Is More Successful?

The other factor that affects the success rate of hair transplant procedures is the hair transplant method. Hair transplant failure can be seen in the oldest techniques and poorly performed hair transplant methods.

The very first hair transplant procedure was applied in the 1800s, and lots of things have developed and changed in hair transplant procedures since then. Thanks to technology, we are able to perform the most accurate treatment ways for our patients with hair loss.

Hair transplant methods have also changed since the first examples of hair transplant procedures. The first examples of hair transplant procedures were generally similar to FUT hair transplantation. But with the developing technology, a better method, FUE hair transplant treatment, was found. Then a more advanced method, DHI, was developed.

DHI Is The Most Successful Hair Transplant Procedure

DHI and FUE are the most successful procedures used in hair transplant procedures rather than the FUT method. Although DHI is the most advanced hair transplant method, FUE is more commonly used because of DHI’s cost. FUE hair transplant treatment, which is the most widely used today, is also very common in Turkey and is performed by specialist surgeons. There are not so many differences between FUE and DHI methods in terms of success rate. One even calls DHI like mini-FUE because of this similarity. So, if you want to encounter a hair transplant failure, you should prefer the FUE or DHI methods.

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