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How Many PRP Sessions Are Needed After Hair Transplant?

PRP, in other words, Platelet-Rich Plasma is a treatment practiced after hair transplant operation to get the best results. The treatment is performed through injection. In each treatment, the patient’s own platelets are used to boost the natural recovery period of the transplantation area.

It is a completely safe treatment with no side effects since your own platelets are used. In general, three to five sessions are needed to naturally accelerate the healing process of the scalp. It is important to not skip your appointments to get the best results from your hair transplantation operation.

How Often is PRP After a Hair Transplant?

Although the number of sessions may vary from patient to patient, the duration between the sessions is fixed. On average, three sessions -which is the minimum requirement- are enough for most patients. However, in some cases, your surgeon may recommend up to five sessions.

This mainly depends on your overall health, age, and condition. No matter how many sessions you are going to take, you need to wait between four and six weeks to receive the next session.

Your surgeon can determine these intervals for you by considering different factors.

Is It Necessary to Take PRP After a Hair Transplant?

If you are willing to achieve the best and natural-looking results, then you need to consider PRP as a necessary treatment. Thanks to this treatment, the grafted hair can grow better and stronger. This improves the overall results of the hair transplantation operation and improves your image.

PRP increases the survival chance of your newly grafted follicles. It is worth noting that PRP is a treatment used to prevent or treat hair loss problems both in men and women. This means that the treatment is beneficial for your scalp and your existing hair follicles too. You should not neglect it or miss your treatments for better results.

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