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FUE vs DHI: Which One is Better?

If you have a hair loss and baldness problem probably you are considering hair transplant surgery. However, there are lots of techniques such as follicular unit extraction called FUE, follicular unit transplantation called FUT, or direct hair implementation called DHI.

When we compare these techniques we can say that FUE is the most preferred and most popular technique used in hair transplant. On the other hand, DHI is the most technologic technique and newly emerged among hair transplant methods. FUT is the oldest technique in the market, but it has advantages also. But, we will compare the FUE and DHI deeply in this post.

We already say that FUE is the most popular technique used in hair transplant over the last decade. In the FUE technique surgeons extract hair follicles back of your head and implant it in the recipient area. Surgeons extract and implant hair follicles manually in the FUE technique.

The DHI technique is the most technological treatment method used in hair transplant. Surgeons extract grafts like the FUE technique from the donor area, but they implant hair follicles using a tool that really likes a pen. This tool open canal and implant hair follicles at the same time. The main difference between DHI and FUE is this pen.

There is also a cost difference between direct hair implantation—DHI and follicular unit extraction—FUE. DHI is more expensive compared to FUE. Because DHI is using more technological ways to treat your hair loss and baldness problem.

All in all, there are several ways to treat your hair loss and baldness problem. But, the most popular technique is the FUE, on the other hand, DHI is the most technological method. These two techniques are very like each other and we can say that DHI is the micro-FUE. So, you need to consider which technique for you and if you need help with this you can contact us.

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