Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Follicular Hair Transplant (FUT)

Hair loss is one of the problems that affects approximately 85% of men and 40% of women. Hair loss was seen as a problem for people in the past, as it is today. The first examples of hair transplantation were seen in Japan in 1939. However, many techniques have developed since then.

Hair loss can have multiple reasons. Age-related hair loss, stress, and some diseases are the main ones. Hair loss can be a temporary problem or a permanent problem. Doctors recommend hair transplantation as the definitive solution for permanent hair loss.

Today, many methods are used in hair transplant treatment. The oldest method among these is the Follicular Unit Transplantation method. Natural-looking results can be obtained with this method.

In the Follicular Unit Transplantation method, surgeons create an incision at the back of your scalp and remove the hair follicles. It separates these hair follicles one by one into hair cells and places the follicles extracted into the bald area.

In fact, most of the hair transplant treatments are done with similar methods and there are very small differences between them. For example, in the FUE method, surgeons remove each hair follicle separately, while in another method, DHI, surgeons use a pen-like device when placing the extracted hair follicles.

As a result, if you suspect that you have hair loss and baldness, you should contact a doctor and find out if your problem is permanent or temporary. Doctors will recommend hair transplant treatment according to the type of hair loss.

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