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Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

A hair transplant offers different kinds of techniques to solve your hair loss problem. Follicular unit extraction—FUE technique stands out among these methods with the features that the most preferred hair transplantation methods and the most technological technique.

As we know in the FUE method, surgeons extract your hair follicles from the donor area where is usually the back and the side of your head, and surgeons plant them in the recipient area. This technique has a very high percentage of success and this technique has many advantages.

Advantages of FUE—Follicular Unit Extraction

  • FUE leaves permanent scarring on the donor area and the scarring consists of very small dots—1mm.
  • FUE is an office-based procedure and requires local anesthesia.
  • FUE has a quicker recovery time compared to other methods.
  • FUE is the method that mostly painless. Most patients describe no pain at all after 24 hours.
  • FUE has a 90% to 95% graft survival rate.
  • In the FUE technique, surgeons have the ability to harvest in patients with a tight scalp.
  • Also, FUE gives the chance to patients who had prior strip surgeries and can no longer undergo further strip harvesting.
  • Surgeons also able to access additional portions of the donor area.
  • Usually, the FUE is done in multiple 2 to 4 hours sessions and you can go home after each session. So, FUE is an outpatient procedure.

In summary, if you have a baldness and hair loss problem, and you are seeking a painless and easy solution for your problem, you should consider follicular unit extraction—FUE technique to solve hair loss or baldness problem.

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