Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Success Rate of FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the treatment way which is done with planting hair to an area on your head that is thinn or bald area. It is done by taking each hair follicles from healthy parts of the scalp.

There are several methods for hair restoration. We can collect them in 2 headline; surgical and non-surgical. Follicular Unit Extraction also known as the FUE is one of the surgical method.

The FUE method is the most common technique for restoring your hair. Also, the FUE method is known as the most technological technique. However, hair transplantation is a complicated surgery that includes several variations like hair structure or skin structure. So, we should consider some factors.

  • 10 to 80 % of the transplanted hair will grow back in almost 3-4 months
  • The transplanted hair will thin over time like regular hair.
  • There is research written by Dr. Surchi Garg in 2016, suggest that plasma therapy can help increase to 75 % or more of the transplanted hairs fully grow back.

As a result FUE hair transplant can results in almost 95 to 100 % succuess rate. But this percentage may vary depending on performance and experience of the doctor and his/her team treatig the patient. Also patience should understand that FUE procedure may require multiple sessions to achieve a higher success rate.

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