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Stem Cell Hair Transplantation

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation is a recently popular hair transplant method. Let’s take a look at the details about the stem cell hair transplantation treatment in the content of this article.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the main cells that makeup all the tissues and organs in our body. Stem cells can divide unlimitedly, renew themselves, and turn into organs and tissues. Therefore, stem cells are actively used in cancer diseases, nervous system diseases, and organ failure. Stem cell application, which also plays a major role in hair transplantation, allows people to have bushy and thick hair.

How Does Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Perform?

In Stem Cell Hair Transplantation, a small piece of tissue as small as the head of a pin is taken from the patient. These parts are sent to the laboratory, and cell replication work is started. The cell reproduced here is applied to the area to be transplanted. Thus, bushy and healthy hair strands begin to emerge from the area where the person is balding or experiencing hair loss.

After the stem cell is made, the person’s hair will grow denser and healthier. Stem cell therapy also allows existing hair strands to grow and become thicker. Even if the person’s hair loss problem goes away, the stem cell will give a positive result.

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