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What Does Hair Transplantation Process Include?

Hair transplantation, which is the definitive solution to hair loss, is usually a long-term treatment process. FUE, DHI, and FUT are the most preferred techniques used in hair transplantation. Usually, the process begins after you and your doctor evaluate which hair transplantation technique is best for you. In this article, we tried to explain the Hair Transplantation Process in a table so that you can better understand this process.

The 2. dayYour hair is washed gently in the process so that the scalp is free of blood.You may feel partial pain and partial numbness in the donor area.
The 3. daySlight redness and swelling in the forehead area may occur in the hair transplant area.The pain in the donor area is completely gone. But the feeling of numbness may persist.
The 1. weekIt is necessary to pay attention to the application of ice to the transplanted area and the lying position. Generally, swelling can be seen on the nose, around the eyes, and on the upper cheek due to the lying position.You can wash the remaining crusts in the donor area with water.
The 10. dayThe transplanted grafts are now completely settled in their place. Your hair can now be washed with normal shampoo and gently combed.Your donor area is now back to normal.
The 2. weekYour transplanted hair starts to fall out. Don’t worry, it’s not unusual and it will come back stronger.
The 3. weekThe transplanted hair continues to fall out. You can now get a haircut if you want.
The 2. to the 5. monthYour transplanted hair begins to grow. First, it’s pretty thin. Your shedding hair starts to grow out permanently during this period.
1. yearYour hair has now reached its final appearance. If a new session is being considered, you can decide together with your doctor during this period.

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