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Velaterapia – Burning Off Split Ends

One of the most talked-about hair care topics is split ends. Split ends are caused by splitting or fraying the hair shaft that is particularly frequent in long hair. If you want to have healthy long hair, you should read this carefully. If your hair has already begun to split, I regret to inform you that there is no way to repair it. There are, however, ways to avoid them without undergoing a dramatic haircut.

Some people prefer velaterapia, which is a method of removing split ends by cutting them off. Some people, on the other hand, use the velaterapia technique to burn off their split ends. You can destroy your hair by preventing split ends by burning them, which is a popular treatment. Even salon hair burning, on the other hand, can be dangerous. Before undergoing this procedure, it’s critical to assess the dangers against the potential advantages.

Burning treatments for split ends can result in a variety of issues, including:

  • scalp burns, 
  • burns to the skin that might be seen around the neck, ears, and shoulders,
  • the remainder of your hair may catch fire.

If you’re looking for a better solution, you’ll have to cut your hair to get rid of split ends. There are also various therapies and lifestyle adjustments that can aid you, such as shampooing only your roots and applying a suitable amount of conditioner to your ends when washing your hair.

  • To prevent your hair from drying out, wash it every other day.
  • When feasible, naturally wear your hair and use hair styling treatments sparingly.
  • Use hot instruments sparingly. Before using your hair, always use a heat protectant.
  • Tight hair ties should be avoided because they might cause hair breakage.

Overall, the burning approach can help you get rid of split ends effectively, but you must be aware of the risks, though. Regular haircuts, on the other hand, can help to prevent split ends. But, if your hair has become uncontrollable, get guidance from your hairdresser. Finally, do not attempt to burn off your split ends at home; this can result in lasting damage.

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