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Can Hair Transplant Fail

Hair transplant procedures are the only solution for hair loss problems, and we all know that. To get rid of this annoying problem, many people want to get hair transplant procedures without hesitation because they know that hair transplant surgeries are safe procedures. But are they really safe, or can hair transplant fail?

Hair transplant procedures are usually considered safe cosmetic surgeries. But even with the safest surgery, there is a risk. For this reason, hair transplantation procedures may result in failure. Even in the safest and most successful cosmetic surgery area, there may be failures. This is largely determined by how failure is defined. Even after hair transplant surgery, you may experience hair loss. Because your hair appears to be so likely to lose them again due to heredity, this should not be deemed a failure.

You have to find out what is the reason for your hair loss first. Who knows, maybe you are experiencing temporary hair loss. Hair transplant procedures might not even be needed after the source of the problem is figured. In such cases, doctors usually suggest mesotherapy rather than a hair transplant procedure.

The Most Dramatic Failure: Planting the Wrong Side of the Extracted Follicle

When it’s discovered that the follicular units were planted on the wrong sides, the most dramatic failure occurs. The follicular unit-roots will eventually collide with each other as a result of this. The unnatural collision of these roots disrupts the hair’s regular growth cycle, resulting in irreversible damage and, eventually, hair loss, of course…


Over-extraction from your donor area is another significant cause of hair transplant failure. This is an uncommon failure, even though it has happened on several occasions in the past. This type of hair transplant failure is completely irreversible. So, be careful about how many grafts you donate to your balding area.

Overall, it is up to you to choose the best procedure for you. Clinics with a proven track record with before and after surgery images of former patients are the most trustworthy. People also travel to foreign nations for the best medical treatment, which is a multibillion-dollar industry.

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