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2,000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in the U.K.

Hair loss and baldness are one of the most annoying problems for men. When your hair falls out, you start to think that you are getting old. However, hair loss not always occurs depending on age it may also occur depending on some internal and external factors. The definite solution to hair loss and baldness is hair transplant surgery. But it can be an expensive procedure because most health insurances don’t cover the hair transplant. In this article, you can find the factors that affect the cost of hair transplants and the price per graft.

Factors that affect hair transplant cost

There are many factors that affect the cost of the hair transplant, and we listed the major ones in the list below.

  • The first factor is the doctor. You should find a doctor who has enough experience in hair transplant surgeries. But, experienced doctors may increase the cost of the hair transplant process.
  • The second factor is the country. There are many places that you can have hair transplants some of them in Europe or some of them in Asia. The cost of the hair transplant can change from country to country.
  • Another factor that affects hair transplant cost is the amount of graft that will be taken from your scalp. Many hair transplant surgeries are determined the price of the procedure according to the number of grafts. You can find the table of price per graft for the FUE procedure in the U.K:
FUE ProcedurePrice Per GraftTotal Price
Min FUE (up to 500 Grafts / 1,000 Hairs)£3.99£1,999
Med FUE (up to 1,000 Grafts / 2,000 Hairs)£3.99£3,999
Max FUE (up to 1,500 Grafts / 3,000 Hairs)£3.53
MEGA FUE (up to 2,000 Grafts / 4,000 Hairs)£2.99£5,999
GIGA FUE (up to 3,000 Grafts / 6,000 Hairs)£2.27£6,799
GIGA PLUS (up to 3,500 Grafts / 7,000 Hairs)£2.11

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